July 2018 Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize

Delighted to have five little sculptures accepted for the Waterhouse Natural History Prize at the South Australian Museum in Adelaide.  The exhibition is on from the 8th June to the 5th August.

The Platonics: paper curls on the five platonic solids



June 2018 Exhibition in Broadhurst Gallery at Hazelhurst

My work will be exhibited in the Broadhurst Gallery at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery Gymea from June 15 until June 26.  Hazelhurst is a wonderful art centre and has a great cafe and garden as extra attractions.



March 2018 Changes

This untreated paper sculpture has been outside exposed to the elements for over a year. It was first shown at the 2017 North Sydney Art Prize at the Coal Loader where it was set out on a beautiful ochre-coloured outcrop of sandstone. It was supposed to break down over the two weeks of the exhibition…